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  • B Mc-C

    B Mc-C is the founder, creative director, and VP of Nice Guy Entertainment. Since 2002, he has produced and written songs for numerous groups and performed in shows throughout the midwest. He has opened for hip-hop heavyweights such as Tech N9ne, P.O.S., Mac Lethal, and Ces Cru. In 2009, B Mc-C released his first album “Mr. Nice Guy”, which is the story of a young man striving to remain good hearted in an increasingly egocentric world. This became the foundation for the Nice Guy brand and our philosophy.

    B Mc-C can be reached at B@NiceGuyCrew.com

  • Legacy Keys

    Through his background in electronic R&B music, Legacy Keys has been able to spread his positive message of love across many media platforms to much acclaim. Leading various hip hop, R&B, and acoustic acts over the years, Legacy Keys has honed his art into the memorable yet unique sound his fans enjoy today.

    Legacy Keys can be reached at LegacyKeys@NiceGuyCrew.com

  • Ty Davis

    Ty Davis has a unique writing style, and pairs complex ideas with catchy beats that have a natural feel to them. He is quite the wordsmith and knows how to put together a bangin' beat! He recently collaborated with T. Tauri to release "Star Chronicles" in spring of 2015. He is currently working on his next album, which is sure to impress!

    Ty Davis can be reached at TyDavis@NiceGuyCrew.com

  • APLifted

    APLifted is a very dedicated, hard working artist. His interest in music began at age 13 when he and some friends formed a metal band. However over the next few years his writing style changed and he evolved into the hip-hop artist he is today. Eventually he met Ty Davis and became a part of the Nice Guy Crew. We’re glad to have him on board.

    APLifted can be reached at APLifted@NiceGuyCrew.com

  • Thad Hill

    Thad is a young man with talent way ahead of his time. Take a little bit of James Blake and sprinkle in some of The Weeknd and you have Thad Hill. His range and talent are impressive. He is a part of Initiative Media Group as well as Nice Guy Entertainment. We are excited to see what he can do.

    Thad can be reached at ThadHill@NiceGuyCrew.com

  • 2JD

    Jared James Downs aka 2JD, is a songwriter from the twin cities sporting a unique blend of old school hip hop, ambience, and down-tempo electronica. His lyrics are a blend of poetry, geek culture, and social commentary, narrating his journey of self-realization and personal struggle. Toting a varied influence of many musical genres, 2JD is sure to be a noteworthy addition to the twin cities music scene.

    2JD can be reached at 2JD@NiceGuyCrew.com

  • W.A.R.

    A veteran in the hip-hop scene, W.A.R. has been rapping and making beats for the better part of 20 years. In the late 90's and early 2000's, he was part of a group known as The Horsemen. Together they released two albums. Soon thereafter he went solo and began collaborating with long-time friend B Mc-C and later joined Nice Guy Entertainment in 2014. We enjoy working with him and look forward to his upcoming projects.

    W.A.R. can be reached at WAR@NiceGuyCrew.com